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About Us

Family owned and operated, APR Plastic Fabricating has been designing and fabricating custom tanks, liners, bodies, and specialty products since 1985. Our mission is to fabricate and supply all applicable industries
with the highest quality products and service. We pride ourselves on our unique ability to provide custom products, built to your exact specifications.

In order to succeed as a fire truck tank manufacturer, we believe that we must commit ourselves both personally and professionally to the highest level of integrity, morality and responsibility.  Our philosophy includes a firm dedication to:

  • Consistently providing more than our customers expect in the design and quality of our products, and in the level of service, before, during, and after the sale, in order to become and remain the best choice for custom fabricated plastic products in the industry.

  • Provide the leadership and foundation on which, as a team, we can build a business to be proud of, in the products and services we offer and in the knowledge that it was done with integrity.

  • Share the opportunity with our co-workers to take an active part, both individually and as a team, in the growth and prosperity of APR.

  • Keep a pleasant, efficient, clean, and safe work environment in which all employees can learn and grow to realize their potential.

  • Ensure meaningful and secure employment and career opportunities, based on both individual performance, and teamwork.

  • Continue an "open book/open door" policy to promote active knowledge and participation in the workings of APR (both technical and financial), to encourage individual and group input from all stakeholders, and offer each employee the opportunity to be a part of APR.

  • Sponsor continuing education for employees, in applicable fields, to build our knowledge base, further our collective goals, increase and improve our capabilities, enrich our community and better serve our customers.

  • Provide the flexibility and freedom required to encourage self motivation, individual contribution, sacrifice and reward, and teamwork in all aspects of our shared endeavor.


For more than 30 years our team at APR has built a business rooted in this solid foundation.  APR proudly and continually offers the best available fire truck tanks and bodies with first rate customer service.  We are dedicated to our customers, and we welcome you to contact us to learn more about what APR can do for you.

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